WherePrayer™ is an iOS app (iPhone, iPad and iPod) allowing a person to organize and send prayers (postcards) to locations of their choosing, and collectively, somewhere within 5 kilometers, to see active prayers everyone else has posted around the world. It is –Mail– for prayers. The content of a person’s prayer is private. A person can, however, take steps to publicize a prayer on social media like Twitter and Instagram®. Religiously, WherePrayer™ is non-sectarian.

System requirements: iOS 11 or higher.

Under the auspices of Lighthouse Woods LLC, Jeffrey Scott Shulman and Laura Jarrard Shulman offer WherePrayer™ app. Jeff and Laura are a husband-wife team residing in Northern California. Jeff has worked in mobile development in Silicon Valley since 2004. His computer career spans forty years, starting in 1977. Since 2001, Laura is a self-taught computer artist, digital graphic designer, and Web 2.0 HTML/CSS designer.

WherePrayer™ is app #2. When Laura was working on app #1 in November 2012, she got the idea for WherePrayer™. She shortly thereafter abandoned app #1, then worked on graphics for the WherePrayer™ website.

Around the same time—the date is lost to time—, Laura had a dream that Jesus and she were in. It was short and sweet. Jesus wanted WherePrayer™ to get written and made available. They struck a deal. Jesus would support WherePrayer™ if Laura would become Christian. Laura said okay, fine. They “agreed.” End of dream. So, Christ Jesus gives WherePrayer™ his seal of approval. Jeff and Laura try to keep their egos out of it.

From 2012 onwards, Laura studied Christianity. She joined a local church, and in 2016 was baptized. To her surprise, she is a rather enthusiastic denominational Christian. She used to be a “religious none,” like millions of Americans.

All along, Laura prayed that someone would write a WherePrayer™-like app so she herself could use it but, remarkably, no one did. Jeff and Laura discussed WherePrayer™ among themselves, while Jeff worked on it on evenings and weekends. It was VERY difficult keeping the project mum for six years.

In May 2017, Jeff found himself unemployed. Jeff and Laura were quite happy at this turn of events because, finally, Jeff could work on WherePrayer™ full-time. He dove into the project—living, breathing and sleeping the app. Twelve months later, infant WherePrayer™ was born.

The Shulmans have no plans to offer WherePrayer™ for Android. Please don’t ask.

Jeff and Laura have devoted their free-time to rescuing domestic cats, particularly elder breeder-moms. Since 1985, they have adopted forty-seven cats. And the cats were allowed on the furniture.

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