WherePrayer™ is an app for iOS (iPhone iPad iPod): Pray for Places that Call to You. You send Prayer Postcards to places of your choosing and, collectively, within five kilometers, see the places (in numbers) other people are praying for around the globe. It is “Mail for Prayers.” The app is meant for good because “We say so.”

One intention of the app is to pray for places of fear, anguish, anger, sadness — past, present, or even future. All beings in, and near, those places are led to healing, recovery, and blessing. In other words, your prayers make a place sacred, for a time, because “You say so.”

The content of your prayers is PRIVATE. The New Testament in Christianity suggests in Matthew 6:5-6 that the content of your prayers is nobody’s business but yours. What you pray in WherePrayer™ is between you and your maker, whomever or whatever you perceive that maker to be, whether God, Jesus, Lord, Holy Spirit, Great Spirit, Great Mystery, the Creator, the universe, Allah, gods, or any number of other names.

You can, however, in this age of social media, take conscious steps to publish a prayer on social media where you may message or email it, post it to Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, or Instagram, or save it in Evernote, as examples.

System requirements: iOS 11 or higher. The app will be available in the App Store in Winter 2018.

The WherePrayer™ app is the artistry, diligence, and fortitude — with God’s help — of married partners Jeff and Laura Shulman. They reside in Gilroy, California, USA. The app is not the result of a committee or team.

The WherePrayer™ app gives a glimpse into two people’s response to not knowing what to do in the face of burgeoning and horrific number of tragedies we all see daily on the news: mostly from natural disasters and indiscriminate violence resulting from combustibles. When we cannot DO anything, how can we do SOMETHING? We can at least PRAY. But we need encouragement by seeing others pray for the same, or similar, places.

Jeff’s computer career spans forty years. He has worked in mobile software development since 2004, starting at Palm Inc. Laura is a computer collage-artist, graphic and web designer, informal religious studies student, and avid reader.

WherePrayer™ was really app #2. In November 2012, Laura was laboring on her first app when she got the idea for WherePrayer™. She dropped everything and started working on WherePrayer™.

Around that time — the exact date is lost to time —, Laura had a dream that Jesus and she were in. Jesus wanted two things: that the WherePrayer™ app get written and become available to the general public, and that Laura become Christian. Okay fine, but she had her own stipulation: that Jeff and she be able to make a substantial living from WherePrayer™. Jesus and she struck a deal — they shook hands, so to speak. In a sense, the WherePrayer™ app has the Jesus-Seal-of-Approval. The app is for God’s purpose and we offer it in Jesus’ name. Part of the app’s earnings will go to charity.

Her whole life, Laura was a “spiritual but religious none,” as millions of Americans are. She decided to become a something. From 2012 onwards, she studied Christianity. To fulfill her part of the bargain, she joined a church, became a catechumen, and in 2017 got baptized. To her surprise, she is a rather enthusiastic denominational Christian — how could she not? Even though she herself is Christian, WherePrayer™ is religiously non-sectarian. Even atheists can use it.

For twenty-odd years, Laura wished that someone would write a WherePrayer™-like app that she could use, but remarkably, no one did. She kept watching and waiting, but nothin’. Jeff and Laura told no one. For five years, Jeff secretly developed the app on weekends.

In May 2017, Jeff found himself unemployed. He was quite happy about this turn of events because, at long last, he could devote full-time to WherePrayer™. He dove into the project — living, breathing, sleeping the app for a year. Then in May 2018, he released the app to beta-testing.

Jeff and Laura have no plans to offer WherePrayer™ for Android. Please respect their decision, and don’t ask. It’s not going to happen.

Jeff and Laura pledge whatever free-time they have to rescuing domestic cats, particularly elder breeder-moms. Since 1985, they have adopted and given a comfortable, permanent home to forty-seven cats. The cats are allowed on the furniture.

— The end

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